Why Use Passion Safe Storage Company?

best self storage in saskatoon

When looking for modern self storage facilities in Delisle, SK, Passion Safe keeps it simple so you aren’t paying for services you don’t use!

Move in at your convenience at a rate you can afford!

24 HOUR ACCESS: Units are accessible 24 hours a day

UNCOVERED PARKING: The most affordable option for parking your vehicle at our location

FENCED & GATED: Perimeter fencing and gated entry


ONLINE BILL PAY: pay monthly or prepay

VARIETY OF UNIT SIZES AVAILABLE: we can store almost everything

DRIVE-UP ACCESS: Plenty of room to unload your items in front of your storage unit

CONVENIENT PAYMENT OPTIONS: Credit, e-transfer, online, cheque, or cash


LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED: opened in 2021

RV, VEHICLE, BOAT PARKING: Parking spaces up to 40ft in length

INTERIOR STORAGE: Indoor units provide added protection against weather and theft

REMOTE MOVE-IN OR MOVE IN ONLINE: move in at your convenience

PLUG-IN PARKING: ask us about it

UNIQUE GATE ENTRY CODE: every tenant has their own

DISCOUNT PLANS: ask us about them

MODERN STORAGE FACILITY: we keep it simple and our rates affordable

AUTOPAY: setup recurring payments so a payment is never missed

Manage your storage unit from the convenience of your own home, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Call Passion Safe Delisle today.

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